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Oswald – The Birthday Cake (Carry Case) [DVD]

£ 2.99
Oswald volunteers to make a special birthday cake for Catrina s birthday party. Madame Butterfly says that all Catrina needs

Wind In The Willows – Spring [DVD]

£ 2.99
Join Ratty, Badger, Mole and the inimitable toad in 3 exciting and unpredictalbe spring adventures. Adventures include: The Great Steamer,

Wobblyland – Welcome To Wobblyland [2008] [DVD] “

£ 2.99
Welcome to Wobbly Land, a place where the trees squeak when you hug them, grass grows on the sun and

Ball Shaped Colour Changing LED Light

£ 8.99
Ball shaped colour changing mood light. Beautiful, peaceful lighting. Works on 3 AG13 Batteries (easy to replace). More than 36

Farm Sound Blocks

£ 11.99
A classic favourite! Animals sound when the two wooden cubes are properly placed in the wooden tray. Find the halves

LED Foam strobe

£ 6.99
This incredible LED Colour Changing Lights Stick is perfect for Darkened areas, Dark den and more! With a click of

Light up tambourine

£ 9.99
The Flashing Tambourines are powered by bright leds which flash when switched on. A simple on/off switch ensures the tambourine

Mini Music Bag

£ 29.99
This unique pack of 7 complementary brightly coloured instruments is designed to lead children from the first discovery of noise

Sensory Light Up Tub

£ 79.99
Contents (may vary): 1 x Sturdy Tub VISUAL 5x Flashing blinkies 1x Space Blanket Set Of 3 1x Mini Galaxy

Sensory Resources Tubs

£ 269.99
Sensory Tub is an ideal starter kit on which to build up your equipment base and resources. Contains a wide

Singing Glo Tube

£ 7.99
Swing it around their heads to hear it sing out as the air whistles through the tube – the faster