Let’s revive puzzles again.  I recall as a child spending innumerable hours looking intently at each carefully carved out piece of wooden jigsaw and forward…a few decades later….repeating the same activity with my little ones; conversing, chuckling, manipulating…looking intently at each carefully carved out piece of cardboard, and from memory, weighing up if it would fit or was it the previous piece “but that I can’t recall where I put it!” From wood to cardboard, the feeling was always the same; an immense sense of satisfaction on final completion. WE DID IT!  We would leave our completed puzzle on the table for hours….if not days….showing for all to see our hard work and sheer dedication.





Children, adults and older people learn so much from puzzles.  It can be puzzling if you are not so sure, no pun intended,  so let’s take a look at some of the advantages that puzzles give you:

  • They help develop fine/gross motor skills;
  • Hand-over-hand coordination;
  • They test memory;
  • Provides problem solving;
  • Enabling them see the world in pictures, colours and shapes;
  • Helps to set and achieve goals;
  • Encourage group work &
  • They bring the friends and family together.

So from all of this you can see….puzzles or jigsaws, as they are interchangeably called, can only be a good thing so let’s revive them again. We have an array of puzzles for you to view: ‘Farmyard Bingo’, collect the cards and join in the farmyard fun; “Misfits”, place mix ‘n’ match with 12 wacky characters, misfits allows you to create hundreds of crazy colourful characters then there is our ‘Nursery Rhyme 3 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles’ this is ideal for children and the whole family.  Do visit our site and click away.