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Expert Advice
40 years of combined teaching and senior management experience; working with children.

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Excellent Products
All our products are carefully selected for their robustness, quality and attractiveness, as well as following CE regulation

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Affordable Quality
Outstanding quality, durable, providing good eye-hand coordination as well as providing fun

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Family Run
A family run business (nearly 10 years) our aim is to select the best products just for you

Our Best Sellers

The Children’s Choice explore their favorites!


GUND BABY Buggy Gigglers Giggle Sound Bug Soft Toy BEE Blue/Yellow

£ 8.99
Blue/Yellow Stripey Bee Quality, plush toy from Gund From the Buggy Gigglers range Colourful Stripey Bee which giggles when pressed

Hello Kitty hot water bottle holder and pyjama case

£ 14.99
 This hot water bottle holder, which can also be used as a pyjama case, features a velcro opening at the

Alfie and the Big Boys Paperback

£ 5.99
Alfie’s Nursery School is right next door to the Big School. Alfie wishes that he could be friends with the

What’s in the parcel Postman Pat?

£ 5.99
Postman Pat is delivering parcels to his friends in Greendale. Look at the shape of the parcels to guess what

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