Gruffalo Set

“A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.  A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.”  I will always love the story of The Gruffalo! The Gruffalo, the award-winning rhyming story of an audacious mouse and a ghastly looking Gruffalo and their witty conversation as they casually stroll… and occasionally pause….through the “deep dark wood.” Undoubtedly, since it emerged in 1999, The Gruffalo has, and, in my view, continues to be the undisputed modern classic and is now an international favourite with 13 million copies sold – as well as mouse and gruff now being celebrated celebrities with their antics being on both stage and film.  It’s still my families all time favourite children’s stories.


The Gruffalo transports me back to sleepy bedtimes….Gruff was a favourite bedtime staple for my little ones…..who, although sleepy, would yell in unison, at the appropriate time:  “He has purple prickles all over his back….OH NO IT’S A GRUFFALO!!!!!”

Startling the house cat and causing him to dart and retreat to a safe place. Phew! Meaow!


We are pleased to not only bring you the award-winning rhyming story of mouse and gruff, but have carefully put together a compilation of Gruffalo goodies – puzzles, baby rattles including mini blankets, cuddly gruffs to gruff board games – you can purchase them singularly or as a set. The Gruffalo, is a must have for all Donaldson and Sheffler fans.  Go on and view our Gruffalo treats and click away.