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So after the unveiling of the gift…..there’s that intense look….the warm smile…head titled slightly…lips pursed maybe attempting to conceal a deep whimper….sometimes a silent tear will independently roll and the words of: “Aaaah they know me! They know me so well!”  Meaning the giver has selected a gift, that has been judiciously selected with them in mind with all their idiosyncrasies (just a nice word for odd ways).  How fantastic. A bespoke gift has been given and received with heartfelt appreciation.

When I was growing up one of the first canons of purchasing a gift (that my mother told me) was: never buy a gift for someone that you wouldn’t want for yourself or your children.  We’ve all had one of ‘those’ gifts: the present you’re dreading to open because you know – as a friend once coined: “it’s just tat!” or awful tat – the wrapping paper is old and worn, anyway which is a clear give away; the office Secret Santa that was a poor choice or was purchased to irritate or more so humiliate you as they watch you ‘twist and squirm’ HA!  But the worst gift, the ultimate is this one: a pink, polyester bedsheet (this truly happened to my friend) – where someone had carefully opened up the plastic wrapper and concealed a personalised message to her husband, her daughter and Bonjo – the dog, they rewrapped it and yes, she then gave it to my friend who is a male with no husband, and who’s Bonjo?

Coming home from work exhausted my daughters would often shout from the top of the stairs: “MUM!  It’s Sarannor’s birthday on Saturday we need to get her a gift.”  The ‘we” always meant me!  So dutifully I’d trot along to a well-known department store and purchase a good gift – a good gift of quality – a good gift that I would almost readily purchase for my children; if it was their birthday or they did good work. I then bought it home and had to wrestle – yes, wrestle it away from my children, who also demanded it and jealousy eyed it on the kitchen table.  Then we had to hide it.  Then they’d sulk because the gift should’ve been “mine Mummy!” Then they’d forget about it.

That canon principle has always been a guide for me and one that I introduced, at the very onset, into Sensory and Learning and insisted that our buyer abides by: “Never buy a gift for someone that you wouldn’t want for yourself.”  ALL our gifts have been hand selected with YOU in mind. We pride ourselves on selecting the very best.  We’ve always gone for quality.

So what do we have?  We have what you’re looking for. We have bulky to small gifts; gifts for early years: pre-schoolers, toddlers to babies; gifts for those with a disability; hard gifts to soft gifts; fun gifts to serious gifts maybe even…the hard-to-please gift-receivers.  We have gifts! Jump in and take a look to see if the gift you’re looking for is there….

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