Keep Healthy

I was watching TV a few nights ago and Dr Felicity Corbin-Wheeler, formerly a British Red Cross Nurse and Researcher in the Houses of Parliament, was on talking about the need to keep healthy.  I thought I’d condense some things she said about having a having lifestyle in general about YOUR HEALTH and mine.

  1. Sleep– How many hours sleep do I need?  She said as much as you need!  However, the general average is about 8 hours.  Get into a good sleep pattern.  Be in bed before midnight as the body heals best. Learn from animals as they always stretch before bedtime and then sleep.
  2. Breath clean air – through oxygen therapy or exercise to oxygenate ourselves.
  3. Drinkclean water – distilled water is the only scientifically purest water on the planet. She encourages you to get a water distiller even before you get a juicer.
  4. Eat living plant foods  – scientist have proven that dead animal food 9 leads to disease and the healthiest people live on an organically grown plant based diet and she encourages that if you do eat meat to eat organic.
  5. Vitamins – as the soil is now depleted of minerals we must supplement plant derived minerals and vitamins for the building blocks of cells.
  6. Purchase a shower filter – as it removes contaminants from the water.  Use Epsom salt or bicarbonate of soda to the bath water to boost health.
  7. Dress in natural fibres – such as wool, linen and cotton as they let your skin breath.  Try and keep away from petro chemical fabrics such as nylon and others, that stops the skin from breathing.
  8. Detox your thoughts  – every cell in our body responds to every thought we think. We are literally making good body chemistry or bad body chemistry.

The above is so helpful and even though organic food is best – don’t be afraid to check out the reduced section or look out for deals.